About Us

The Agricultural Ditch and Reservoir Company was founded on March 30,1874 as a privately owned Colorado non-profit company under the ownership of numerous stockholders. Much of the ditch Right-of-Way was conveyed or condemned prior to Colorado becoming a State in October 1876. The Ag Ditch is located in Water District No. 7, and diverts its water rights from Clear Creek just east of Ford Street in Golden and traverses easterly along West 32nd Avenue and through the Applewood area east of South Table Mountain. The Ag Ditch runs southeasterly through Lakewood and into the City and County of Denver to its terminus at Federal Boulevard at the Sisters of Loretto Heights. It flows southeasterly through the Denver Federal Center, Addenbrooke Park, crossing Garrison Street near Mississippi Avenue, crosses West Jewell Avenue east of Kendrick Lake Park, crosses Wadsworth Boulevard at Morrison Road. Several reservoirs are owned by the the Company in Lakewood and also in Clear Creek County. Main Reservoir, East Reservoir, and Smith Reservoir are located along Kipling Parkway between Mississippi Avenue and West Jewell Avenue in Lakewood. The Fall River Reservoir, Upper Chinns Reservoir, Lower Chinns Reservoir, Loch Lomond Reservoir, Lake Caroline, Reynolds Reservoir, Stuart Reservoir, and Ice Lake are located northwest of Idaho Springs up Fall River Road near the town of Alice, known for St. Mary's Glacier. The Reservoir storage is of significant value when Clear Creek flows diminish and the ditch flow may be continued into the late summer and fall with reservoir storage releases.

The Company also owns The Golden Canal and Reservoir Company which operates the Welch Ditch. Much of the Welch Ditch Right-of-Way has been sold or conveyed away over the years with the exception in the Daniels Gardens area, located south of West Colfax Avenue and west of Simms Street. The water rights of The Golden Canal and Reservoir Company are diverted from Clear Creek at the Ag Ditch headgate and carried to a pump station facility near Youngfield Street on the north side of West Colfax Avenue. The carried water is pumped out of the Ag Ditch and into the Welch Ditch, located south of West Colfax Avenue, and runs southeasterly to the Simms Steakhouse at West 6th Avenue and Simms Street in Lakewood. An extension of the Welch Ditch, called the Agricultural Reservoir Ditch, is utilized by The Agricultural Ditch and Reservoir Company to carry water to Main, East and Smith Reservoirs for storage. The Agricultural Reservoir Ditch continues underground south of West 6th Avenue for much of its length along the east side of Union Boulevard until it becomes an open earthen ditch south of West Alameda Avenue. The Agricultural Reservoir Ditch continues southerly through the subdivisions west of Kipling Parkway for delivery of water into the reservoirs.